one of a kind

0026 View That Never Happened

A small wall sculpture. A building grows from the ruins of Trapezium City. Various woods + Resin + Fire + Patina 345 x 260 x

0024  INeedYouNeed

Two worlds collide in a mirror. Hard/Soft Cut/Heal Fake/Real Wood + Resin + mirror (upgrade on request) + Fire + Dyes + Sweat

0025 MossCa 

A deadly growth is spreading across 2 hexagon fumé mirrors open to 170 degrees, reflecting 2 views of yourself. Various woods

0023 Broken Repairs

A small mirror of contrasts. old/new + hexagon/smoothcurves. Various woods + Hexagon mirror. 360 x 180 x 40 mm. Handmade in

0022 Tropical Delight:

Stool/table made from round wood scraps.Various woods + Polyester Resin + and lots of sanding. 350 x 316 mm. Handmade in Mil

0021 Turns_Returns

A small coffee table made with with pieces of wood that aged in my balcony for a couple of years. Full of character but smooth

0014 The Seed Is Planted

Hard plates join under a shallow lake. Use for fruit, keys, or to roll a joint. Beech + Polyester Resin + Aniline 470 x 295 x

0013 Precise Mistakes

Latest wall sculpture in “My Family’s Coat of Arms and Trophies” collection. Birch + Beech 500x460x56 mm. Hand made in M

0010 Creature Comforts

Third sculpture in “My Family’s Coat of Arms and Trophies” collection. Beech + Birch + Polyester Resin + Seahorse + Pois

0009 Black Gold

Second sculpture in “My Family’s Coat of Arms and Trophies” collection. Beech + Birch + Polyester Resin + fiberglass Rod

0007 Driven to Excess

Geometry and tectonics create a small little tray. Use for fruit, keys, or phone. Serve tea, or just look at the deep colors

0006 Lecco Friendly

A towering structure rises from a piece of Lago di Lecco driftwood where it reaches a wavy brass candle holder. Driftwood + Be

0005 Resistance is Futile

Cubes, cubes, and more cubes. A friendly side-table. Hard core turquoise, burned to a crisp… Keep your book, drink and light

0004 Crash Within Reason

Tell it all your secrets. Like a worn Coke can, silver shows through the red. Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest o

0003 Direction Unknown

A wall mirror with 1900′s flair. Geometric shapes that melt into curves. A small poison vial hangs in the center. Keep your

0002 Memories Can Wait

A clock with an eastern flavour that crashes into a Buckminster Fuller Geodesic dome.The pendulum is made from an antique Mila

0001 Burst of Desire

A fibonacci spiral that explodes into lost symbols. An art-nouveau shield protects an antique Milanese key. Beech construction