Product Design


A set of 4 wall flowerpots. 3 of them can hold plants of any kind, the last one is used for a company logo. The front panel is

foooor XMAS

A set of 8 piece Christmas ornaments. Super clear acrylic is routed with icy decorations. If you hang them near a light source

foooor Note

A box set of four A5 Notebooks. Under their matt black covers there is a blast of fluorescent color. One of the notebooks has


is a four bottle holder. The super transparent acrylic highlights the bottles so you can showcase your precious grape juice. I

foooor Clock

A wall clock you can configure it in 16 different colorways combing materials and color in 4 sizes. The clock face can be in c


 Module and branding for Aliamed A 3m² walk-in clinic for shopping centers and hypermarkets in Venezuela. It offers primary

Interlaced Rug

for Kasthall Made using their online rug designer software. It measures 302×200 cm and is made of 100% wool. Part of Giocchi


Buuk for Sintesi A magazine rack made out of bent sheet metal. It’s small size makes it perfect for table-top use. It was in

Snap Clock

SNAP table/wall clock for Diamantini & Domeniconi Inspired by old train station clocks; the dial rotates allowing it to ei


Layers by Diamantini & Domeniconi A clock system… Using only one case we can build many different models just by changin

Fractal Coat Hanger

Even though it looks like a tree it wasn’t inspired by that.It has a recursive V shape that repeats 3 times halving in every


Regolo for Banal Extra Regolo is a mirror that looks like a ruler… The idea is for kids to watch themselves grow and write


Pits for Diamantini & Domeniconi Hi-Fi console that holds your CDs and DVDs on its lateral groove. The doors are made of l


Ipali for Diamantini & Domeniconi A coatrack made of turned maple. Each stick is divided in two, and assembles like a poo