Module and branding for Aliamed

A 3m² walk-in clinic for shopping centers and hypermarkets in Venezuela. It offers primary healthcare without an appointment at low prices.

The module is run by two people: a doctor, and a secretary/nurse. On the outside walls you’ll find information on schedules and four small LED screens running a presentation featuring services and prices. A lectern serves as a small office for the nurse, right next to a bench/waiting area. Inside there is a changing area, a desk, a medical bed, and lots of storage. Every piece of furniture is custom made in white Formica.

Everything was kept as understated and functional as possible. There’s usually no water supply in the middle of a shoping center so we had to provide tanks for clean and dirty water. The blue doors covered in metal can be used as a bulletin board with small magnets. A small self-contained air-conditioner is fitted inside one of the closets, keeping the module cool. The nurse’s lectern with computer and printer.

The logo is simple, yet friendly. A doctor is somebody that listens to your problems and makes it better. It’s about conversation, hence the dialogue cloud. The slogan translates to: Your doctor. No appointment. Everywhere.

The icon’s hexagon shape was inspired by 2 things:

6 keywords that defined the project: medicine/happiness/speed/research/healthy habbits/low cost.

The module is basically a cube. When viewed in perspective it becomes a hexagon.

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