Nature as an Object

Our houses are dead. Devoid of life. Stuffed animals , gleam-less eyes.

A few plants here and there, their only purpose: decoration.

Leaves and water talk to us. listen. Bring mountains and oceans indoors, let’s invite Nature in for a long stay and have it work for us. Plants can provide food, medicine, and clean our air and water. Sell nature as a product. Everybody’s doing it anyway. I am green, you are green, we are all together. Make store aisles and fast websites that sell the latest tweaks in vegetable design. Hybrid things that fuse together tech and nature in a seamless product.

Have a nasty cold?
Brew some WindTunnel Tea© from the wall.

Little Fan On the Prairie Bowl© absorbs airborne pollutants and gives air a fresh outdoorsy smell.

Huh? What’s that? dry air?Turn a creek into a waterfall with your FullFlo Sofa©.

Grow your own. Tweak seed DNA to transfer and store informationPlant a seed, grow data.

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